BMW Custom Services

BMW Custom Services

BMW DME ECU Cloning/Programming Service

Used modules that need to be matched to a car are typically more time consuming and can require recovering EEPROM data or coding information to match to your car. If you need used or new modules that need programming or VIN matching or have modules that need to be cloned then we can help!

  • Did you need your USED ECU Cloned on bench for you?  Or do you need a New ECU Programmed to your VIN?
    We can do that!!!  Data matching and updates available so that your unit is plug and play. 
  • We have coverage to current model years but please contact us first to verify.
  • If your unit cannot be repaired the data can always be recovered and cloned into another new or used unit. 

BMW DME ECU Tuning and custom programming

This is a service for tuning your BMW DME ECU with stock components to increase horsepower and torque figures. Tunes may also increase fuel economy. Along with ECU tuning for your vehicle we also offer custom programming for any specific needs you have. Custom programming can correct and fix many issues with Diesel systems and other coding issues you may have so please contact us for more information about your programming needs.

  • If you want your BMW to have improved reliability and improved fuel economy and you think your Diesel recirculation systems can be fixed with custom programming then we can help! 
  • No more being at the mercy of an emergency mechanic 
  • We offer Stage 1 and Stage 2 Tuning for ECUs and other additional programming options (please contact for details)
  • If You are interested in either tuning or custom programming for your ECU please view the listing

BMW CAS4 repair or programming service

This listing is a SERVICE we provide using your existing damaged part.  Many times during Update Programming, Dead or Low Batteries, or Key Programming. It happens but you do not need to replace the module, most of the time!!!!  Only Items needed are your CAS4 and Working key for the car.  NO KEY ?  Not a problem, contact us for additional details 

  • We repair all BMW CAS 4 versions,  5 Series  6 Series  7 Series  X3   X4  Rolls Royce
  • We can also program keys to your CAS while its in for repair.( Additional Cost )
  • We are Experts in European Car Technology and have a lab based out of San Diego.   

Other services we offer:

  • BMW Gauge Cluster Cloning and Programming
  • BMW Key Programming 


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