Mercedes Electronic Steering Lock Bypass ESL EVL Emulator Plug and Play

Mercedes Electronic Steering Lock Bypass ESL EVL Emulator Plug and Play


Are you having problems with your  Mercedes mechanical steering lock? We can help with our steering lock bypass emulator programming service!


Most common complaint when your steering lock fails is the car does not start. Key Remote works to unlock and lock the vehicle, but when the key is inserted a message in the dash says "Please Remove Key" with no audible sound from the steering lock retracting. This a common sign that the steering lock has failed.

2 main reasons the locks fail are from Weak car batteries and worn out Electronic Steering lock motors. This is why installing an emulator makes more sense!!! If you buy a new part from the dealer, you will get the same poor quality design ESL installed in your vehicle, just to have this happen again later down the line.

Why not delete the weak link with an Emulator!! Our emulators install in the same factory location. Once returned to you programmed, just install and start the car. Its that easy. 

You are installing a steering lock emulator. This is not a mechanical lock it only fools the car into thinking it is locked. You will lose a small amount of security of your vehicle in return for a steering lock that will never fail again. 

The models this is compatible with are: 
W204 C-Class, X204 GLK , 172 SLK and C207 E Class Coupes.

If you are interested in getting a steering lock emulator programmed to your car Please click here.



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