Sprinter Van speed limiter removal Programming 2007-2018

Sprinter Van speed limiter removal Programming 2007-2018


Tired of being stuck in the slow lane? We can help! With our Speed limiter delete programming service you can go as fast as you please in your Sprinter Van.

Most sprinter vans are electronically limited it just depends what the governor was set to at the factory. In some circumstances the speed limit set by the van can actually be dangerous for road use. Using our service we can reprogram your sprinter to go faster and you can enjoy it to your fullest!

We can custom program your ECU to get rid of the speed governor in 1 day and we will overnight ship the package back to you. Plug and Play with no extra programming required. 

We also provide other tuning services such as: DPF , EGR , SCR, Adblue, Performance Stage 1 tunes

If you are interested in any Custom Programming or Tunes being added to your Diesel Sprinter Please click here.


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