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Mercedes Sprinter Remaining Starts Error Reset Adblue SCR DEF Repair GL ML S

Mercedes Sprinter Remaining Starts Error Reset Adblue SCR DEF Repair GL ML S

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**Note** This is a SERVICE not a product or tool

Does your Mercedes have 0 Starts left displayed in your instrument cluster?  We can fix that!!

No Equipment needed.  Typically this fault is set due to low Adblue fluid levels or errors.  If your Mercedes is
far from a local dealer to reset the fault, this can be a BIG Problem.  

He is how we make your life easy.

Step 1:   Purchase the Email Listing 

Step 2:  Remove your Engine Control unit from your Mercedes Sprinter or Car.  Print out the purchased Ebay listing
              and package the Computer safely in a padded box with the print out.

Step 3:  Ship the package to the address below;

              High Tech Mobile
              600 South Andreasen Drive
              Suite E
              Escondido, CA 92029

Step 4:  Send us tracking information for the package. 

Once we receive your package, we reset the Computer and Overnight the package back to you within 1 Business day  ( Lower 48 States for overnight).  

Once you receive the module, back,  Just install and start the car.  Thats IT!!!   

*** NOTE***** If you have a current fault in the SCR/ Adblue system, and is not resolved once you install the reset module, this can cause the Starter count down to 
resume after a few key cycles back to original coutn down  ( 15 starts remaining ).  Please be sure the fault is fixed Prior to installing the module and driving.

If you have any other Questions, please contact us here or on Skype

Skype :  MBZmechanic
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